Hawaii Food System

To improve the health of our local food system, we need to understand the interdependencies within the food supply chain and the resources & policies that influence them. Tracking imports, exports & locally grown foods/crops by acres, weight, dollars, calories &/or nutrients can begin to highlight gaps & weaknesses within the system, and allow data-driven decisions to more efficaciously move us in a healthier direction.

Food Consumption for State

Optimal Consumption

Actual Consumption

Food Consumption by County

Food Waste Per capita

30% Total loss, all levels

47.4% Total loss, all levels

30.4% Total loss, all levels

59.9% Total loss, all levels

53.6% Total loss, all levels

Acres per Commodity for the State of Hawaii

Dollars per Commodity for the State of Hawaii

Hawaii's Farms

Total Imports, Exports & Local Consumption for the State of Hawaii

Imports & Exports by Harmonized System Codes (HS Code) Commodities

Adjusted to account for 81.37% data gaps